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Crysis 2 Tips

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  • Crysis 2 isn’t like other FPS games. It’s not like COD where you just run around shooting people, I’m not saying that you don’t need a strategy to do well in Call of Duty but all it is, is you and your gun and nothing else. In Crysis 2 you are equipped with a nanosuit which possesses nanosuit abilities. This leads on to my first tip, use all of your nanosuit abilities. You can use one more than the other but it is important that you use all of them. If you don’t use all of them you are going to get beaten time and time again.
  • A lot of people might not think this but I do, this is a very important tip, do not get distracted by the awesome water animation. On Skyline, I once sat in a corner to recharge and I got distracted by the water dripping off my visor and I was stealth killed. It might not seem like a big deal but you could be about to collect your 7th dog tag.
  • Understand the maps. This one can apply to all first person shooters but in Crysis 2 it is especially important. If you are low on energy you’re going to need some where safe to recharge, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down in the open.
  • Never shoot whilst cloaked. A lot of people didn’t know this one at first but if you shoot whilst cloaked it will drain all your energy, this goes for grenades and melee too. Handguns are the only weapon that doesn’t completely drain your energy. An easy way to switch out of cloak rapidly is to switch to armour, you’ll probably be getting into a gun fight anyway and it protects you from other enemies around you.
  • This one applies to other first person shooters but again, I think this one applies more to Crysis 2 because of the nanosuit. Choose your modules wisely, they can help greatly with your nanosuit.
  • A lot of people don’t like the idea of cloaking too much in Crysis 2. Some people say it’s like camping or it’s noobish or some people just aren’t used to it but it’s not. The game has given it to you, use it. If your opponent isn’t using it you’re already one step closer to killing him and not getting killed by his team mate.
  • Watch Crysis 2 videos. Before I got Crysis 2 I drooled over it watching commentaries and tips videos. It will improve your game even if you don’t realise it.
  • Finally, play the game. With experience you’ll know what the best attachments are, what the best modules are etc. Over time you’ll also know what cloaked enemies look like and understand the maps more.

Assassin’s Creed, what’s next?

I completed the first Assassin’s Creed in 5 days, playing a couple of hours a day. I was hooked. The game was like nothing I had ever played before. Even though the fighting was simple, really simple, I still loved the action. Every assassination I did satisfied me, even though I was ending someone’s life. I would run around the cities just killing random guards because I could. Even though the first Assassin’s Creed was fun, it was really repetitive. Assassinating 9 different enemies, the only variation was how you gathered information on your target, and even that could have been the same if you wanted it to be. The AI wasn’t great either. Travelling to cities by horse was a nightmare, every time you come across a person they would chase after you. I was so relieved when I realised that I didn’t have to make the trip to each city again. The guards would always say the same thing, again and again.

The second Assassin’s Creed was insanely better than the first. It had actual variation in it’s gameplay, not just assassinating 9 people in the same way, you actually had missions to complete and the double hidden blades only made things better. The AI was a little better but I found out that you could was up to a group of 4 soldiers and poison each one and none of them would suspect a thing. Some of the missions really pissed me off, the flying machine mission annoyed me a lot. Every time I failed (and I failed a lot) the guard would scream “LOOK AT THE FLYING DEMON!” or something along those lines. One mission actually made me stop playing the game for several months. The mission in the fair where you had to race against another guy. After several months I picked the game up again and realised that it wasn’t that hard in the first place. The story line was much more complex than the first. Even after I finished the game I was still so confused.

The next Assassin’s Creed, Brotherhood, isn’t a part of the trilogy and contained the same characters. This one improved on the AI on the first and added in cool new features to the fighting. When I was playing the game I was hoping that this wasn’t the official third game. The one thing that was really cool was the ability to call in other members of the Brotherhood, helping you on your missions. One of the best things about your assassin’s was that you trained them. You chose what missions they went on and with each mission they gain experience points, making them a better assassin.  It doesn’t add to the story very much, it felt a little like an extension to the second game.Maybe that was the plan but it didn’t feel like it was worth the same amount of money as the second. An online was introduced into Assassin’s Creed, it is so much fun. At first I wasn’t sure how they would pull it off but they did and it is extremely fun, especially when you play with a friend. Instead of rushing, like in FPS’, it’s more about being patient and blending into the crowd around you.

I am extremely excited for the third Assassin’s Creed. It should be the best one yet. I have read that it will be about the assassin’s trying to stop the world coming to it’s demise in 2012 and their race against time to find the temples “built by those who came before”. This sounds like the game will be set in the fictional present, so no traditional assassins. Some people might not like the sound of that but if it’s anything like the second, it should be awesome.

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV starting characters.

I know this game isn’t exactly knew but I recently dusted it off and put it in the disc tray and I’m glad I did. I did regret buying the game only a couple of days ago but lately I’ve been having a lot of success with the game. Lets start off with the characters. The characters are cool and unique. I do hate some of the characters but that’s purely because of their moves. I like how I can pick a character and most of the time I can learn the moves and play with them moderately well. Some characters I have more success with than others and that’s most likely because of the controls.

The moves are based on a combination of stick movements and button presses. The buttons are separated into low, medium and high power punches and kicks. Some moves require EX. This is when you have to press two buttons at the same time. The more of these moves you do, the more of your super bar you fill up. Once this is filled you can perform a super move. A super move is a variation of the characters unique move. Your ultra bar is filled up every time you get hit. It’s a risky strategy but if you can pull an ultra move off every single time without fail it may prove to be successful.

I probably have the most success with Ryu, Ken (their pretty much the same person), Abel and Fei Long. I’ll probably add more to the list when I actually unlock more characters. I probably do well with these characters because they all have the same basic controls to do their moves. Characters like these don’t have any fancy stick movements or charge moves which confuse and mess me up. A super move is the best I can do so far, ultra moves seem nigh impossible. I’ve just started getting into combos. Combos can be completed by doing three things: cancelling, linking or juggling. Cancelling is when you start the combination of stick and button movements before the animation of your first hit is finished. Linking is when you let the animation of your first move to finish, you then time your next move so your character hits just as the animation has finished. Juggling is when you perform a move that puts your opponent into the air, moves are then completed.

The training room is a great place to practice. You can set it so you can have your super and ultra metres to infinite so you can practice those. There is a great training mode where you are giving different moves to pull off and it will show you what to do. If you’re starting out, online can be rough. Not necessarily because you’ll get beaten up by pros every time but because it’s hard to find a match with a person of the  same skill level as you. I found that I couldn’t find a match with another noob so I ended up getting my ass kicked by some pro who was pulling ultras on me and perfecting every single match.

This game, just like other fighting games can be frustrating if you can’t play it to it’s full potential. I definitely can’t, but when you can the game can be extremely rewarding. Even if you pull off a great combo that you couldn’t do before you feel powerful even if you can’t do it in real life. My advice would be, stick at it. You might hate it at first but you just gotta find that character that fits. Learn combos, they can take a lot of damage and fill your super metre faster. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT BUTTON MASH! Even if you can’t do fancy combos and moves, DO NOT BUTTON MASH! Do not give in to BUTTON MASHING! It’s the worst thing you can do in these sorts of games.