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Minecraft 1.8 – Adventure Update

I love Minecraft and after aimlessly scrolling down my Facebook News Feed I saw the greatest thing ever, ‘Minecraft 1.8 is out! Go grab! :D.’ I quickly opened up Minecraft and ran the updater and hey ho I now have Minecraft 1.8. A pre-release of Minecraft 1.8 was released not too long ago but I couldn’t be bothered to go and get that when 1.8 was only days away.

The feature I was looking forward to the most was the Creative mode. Minecraft pretty much fuelled my IGCSEs. At my school we each get a laptop and a lot of us would play Minecraft non-stop. Even with two years of Minecrafting I passed with pretty good grades that I’m happy with. After the amount of hours I have put into Survival mode I was really happy to see this implemented into the game. After I played it on the web version of Minecraft when my friend hosted a server on there I really wanted it in the game. I have just started creating some huge pillars that will be the entrance to a mansion or something amazing.

The new start menu looks great, the game is starting to feel like a proper game with lots of content that won’t get boring as quickly as previous updates did. It has been Minecraft tradition for me to play the game religiously then eventually get bored. Starting a new game or waiting for a new update has always been the ‘cure’ but now it seems like this is the start of something great for Minecraft. A new feature is sprinting. Normal jumping will allow you to jump two blocks, while sprinting you can jump four blocks. If you hit an animal or an enemy while sprinting you perform a critical hit and do more damage. You now get steak from cows which was something I often thought about when I killed a cow, ‘why don’t you get any meat from the cows?’ Well now you do! There are now NPC villages but unfortunately they are not inhabited with NPCs. 1.8 is such a huge update it is being split into two updates. In 1.9 there should be NPCs walking around in villages. There are now, lakes and rivers and other things of that nature, I don’t think they have current though. A huge thing added to Survival mode is hunger. You’re hunger level will slowly deplete and when it reaches zero, your health will slowly go down too. Some may find this annoying but then again you are playing Survival. Hair grows back on sheep now, I’m not sure if that is going to be in 1.9 or not. I’ve only played 1.8 for little under and hour, I just really wanted to get something out about it. Go watch videos! Read other articles! You’ll get more information there.


Team Fortress 2: Pyro

The Pyro is one of the best starter classes. The flamethrower can kill relatively easily. It is often said that the mantra of the Pyro is W+M1, which is so true. A newcomer to Team Fortress 2 can do alright with the Pyro with no strategy but with a strategy, the Pyro can be an essential class to any team.

So, down to the meat of the Pyro. His or her, we’re not sure unless there has been some news that I don’t know about, if so comment! His or her main strategy is, ambush. The Pyro’s flamethrower doesn’t have very good range yet it is very powerful. Using flanking routes, a little bit like the Scout can benefit your team immensely. Especially if you have the Backburner which gives you 100% crits if you flame your enemies back, it is extremely important to attack from behind, especially if you need to take down a Heavy.

A more supportive strategy is called spy checking. This is very important when protecting the objective or your Engineers nest. Spy checking involves you puffing or full on flaming your flamethrower in areas that are vulnerable to your team, for example a capture point, the intelligence in CTF, an Engineers nest or even spy checking around a Heavy and his pocket Medic to make sure they don’t get killed when making an important push.

These tips are more for fighting against other players and helping your team mates with your compression blast. The compression blast is a blast of compressed air that can either push enemies back, reflect rockets and other projectiles and extinguish team mates that are on fire. Pushing your enemies back can be extremely helpful, even if you die it’ll give time for other team mates to push the enemies back even more. It is most effective if you push a Medic away from his Heavy. The Backburner uses a lot of fuel when using the compression blast so use it wisely. Extinguishing your team mates is extremely important. I can’t even count the times I have ran circles around a Pyro to try and get his attention to put me out and I die. Extinguish team mates, it makes you more useful and you get points for it.

One last tip, if you are going head to head against a Pyro, keep your distance and get out your shotgun, unless attacking from behind and you have the Backburner or if you catch him off guard, burn him up. It is harder to burn a Pyro because of his/her protective suit.

The cake is a lie…

After I heard that Portal 2 would be released I realised that I needed to get off my ass and start playing, or get on my ass and start playing, who plays standing up? Anyway, I downloaded it for PC and got playing. I had two of my friends yapping in my ear over Xbox Live whilst I played it. Near the end of the game I realised that, that was a bad idea. At one point I got so frustrated I kicked them from the party, literally two seconds later I worked out the puzzle. The first time you play this game, I would recommend that you play it in a peaceful environment, you gotta concentrate.

I know this is an old game but I thought I’d review it, everyone still loves the game, especially because the sequel has been released. You are immediately dropped into the Aperture Science  testing facility, no cut scenes or anything, straight to the point. You first start off with a gun that can only shoot blue portals. I like how they ease you into the game yet drop you into it. The puzzles at the beginning aren’t immediately easy. Compared to the stuff you have to do at the end of the game, it’s easy but you still have to think about it. During the game I grew to hate the energy balls, things that bounce around the room and, like everything else can travel through portals. I would always end up placing a portal in the path of the energy ball and placing another one at another part of the room, every time the ball would travel through the portal and hit me. The game consists of 19 puzzles but it didn’t feel like it. I’m just remembering what I saw on the wall before I started each puzzle.

Portal is a really fun game but it would be empty without GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System). Even though she is a horrible robot who promises me cake after every puzzle but actually wants to kill me, GLaDOS is still really funny, laugh out loud funny at some points. Portal is really short, if I wasn’t being distracted by food and my friends I probably would have completed the game in an hour. I thought the game was perfect length, probably because I suck at puzzle games, I’m more for shooting people in the face.

At some points I felt kinda lonely, running around the Aperture Science testing facilities with a portal gun, only hearing GLaDOS’ voice every so often. I’m really happy to hear that they’ve added a little sidekick, Wheatley. This will, without a doubt add to the game, not to mention that Wheatley is voiced by Stephen Merchant.

After playing the first Portal I have definitely become a fan and so far I haven’t come across a person who has played Portal and doesn’t like it. Hopefully I’ll stumble across Portal 2 and maybe, just maybe I’ll post a review of it.

Midnight Gaming

I’m starting up this blog because I’m really interested in games and I’m interested in getting into gaming and media and what not so I figured that this is a good way to get started. I wish I could start up a YouTube channel but I don’t have a capture card and channel without gameplay would be pretty boring. You’ll be seeing reviews, and chit chat about multiplayer and all that good stuff. I’m not sure how much this thing will be updated, I haven’t had very much luck with other blogs before, they usually fizzle out pretty quickly.