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MW3 Wishlist

My first Call of Duty game was World at War so I started when COD still ran with basic 3, 5 and 7 killstreaks. When MW2 if you sucked nut sack you were left watching kill cams over and over and over again. I wasn’t that great on World at War, I had mixed results in MW2 and I only started to get mostly consistent scores in Black Ops. MW2 was the beginning of the killstreaks, Infinity Ward finally released the potential of the real gamers in the community by allowing them to get killstreaks up to 25 kills. I was very inconsistent in MW2 so I pretty much ran the whole time with 3, 5 and 7. When Black Ops came out the made it so you couldn’t unlock killstreaks with other killstreaks e.g. you couldn’t use your Predator Missile to get a double and unlock your Harrier Strike. Personally I really like the new system, you can only unlock killstreaks with your gun, grenades, melee and equipment. It’s a lot more fair and it doesn’t create ridiculous amounts of death and destruction.

Black Ops might be the most balanced Call of Duty so far but it does have its slight problems. The randomised scoped shots with a sniper is extremely annoying and I don’t even quick scope. If you don’t know what that is, Treyarch made it so for a small amount of time when you first scope in your shot could go anywhere in the hip fire sights to bypass quick scoping. In my opinion they’ve made it more unrealistic. One thing that everyone hates, except for the douches who do this is, stacking up RC-XDs then spamming them, one after the other. I recently had a match where I got killed by the same guy with both his RC-XDs in a row. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a kill with an RC-XD, maybe 80-90% of the time. Everyone has the period where you use RC-XDs and I pretty much got a kill with nearly every RC-XD  I had. Obviously I came to my senses and put 8, 9 and 11 on. I hate RC-XDs and I know people are going to use them, especially low level players but it really annoys me when a prestige 15 player stacks up remote controlled cars filled with explosives and obliterates me on an 8 killstreak. With Hardline all a noob needs to do is get 2 kills! 2 kills! And for bad player who most likely isn’t getting high killstreaks and dying a lot is going to stack up loads of them and just mess the other team up!

Treyarch have done a pretty good job at making the game balanced and fair but if you can spam something so much it makes the player consider stopping playing the game then there is a serious problem. Make RC-XDs like a 5 killstreak or something! At least the stacking will stop a little bit. All I wish for in MW3 is that they keep the balanced game and increase the amount of killstreaks, if I’m having a good day I’ll get blackbird, chopper and dogs in most of my matches. I don’t usually go higher than a 15 killstreak but it would be nice to have the option. I hope Infinity Ward don’t go over the top with the killstreaks like in MW2, not only do they need to keep gun damage balanced but they need to keep the killstreaks balanced, in MW2 you could have Harriers and Pave Low absolutely raping everyone on the server. Another huge thing I would like to see is killstreaks only by weapons etc. If not it’s going to be death and destruction and that can be fun but not when it goes over the top. Keeping the COD currency would be nice, that was widely accepted in Black Ops and I would be pretty pissed off if it were to disappear. More guns would always be nice, especially submachine guns. Maybe it’s just me but most of the subs in Black Ops aren’t that great, the best are probably, AK47u, Mac 11, MPL, PM63 and the Kiparis, there are other good ones but those ones are the ones that are the most consistent for me.

Battlefield 3 will most likely blow MW3 out of the water because all CODs are the same even if MW3 learns from past mistakes. As long as they keep it balanced and fair and try not to underestimate killstreaks to avoid stacking and spamming then it’ll be a better version of the same game they’ve been making for the past 10 years or so.


Just Cause 2

I know this game isn’t exactly new but I don’t think it’s been getting the recognition it deserves. GTA has always conquered the open world game genre. I don’t mind that because GTA IV is one of my favourite games, I love walking around and beating people on the street with a baseball bat, I really do but after a while beating people up on the street loses it’s fun factor. That’s where Just Cause 2 comes in. The game isn’t perfect but it’s still just as fun as when I picked it up when it first came out last year.
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You play as Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s secret weapon. The guy who gets things done. You are sent to a fictional island in South-East Asia called Panau. An island that used to be allies with the US until the leader dies and his son takes over, Pandak ‘Baby’ Panay and cuts off all connects with the US and introduces a harsh dictatorship. Three gangs fight for land in Panau, the Ular Boys, a tribe who fight against foreign influence, the Roaches, an organised crime syndicate and the Reapers, a revolutionary group. During the game you fight along side the three gangs, doing missions for them and destroying military and government equipment. One thing I love about this game is that life goes on with the gangs. You’ll be driving around Panau and you’ll see a gang fighting for what it believes in and you can join in and help.
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This game doesn’t play like others. It encourages you to explore and discover the huge island. One of my favourite things in the game is ‘Chaos’. You must cause a certain amount of Chaos before the next Agency mission is unlocked and the story is progressed. To gain Chaos, you guessed it, you must cause chaos. Destroy any government equipment and you gain Chaos. By collecting weapon, vehicle and armour parts in the form of boxes and causing Chaos you can complete different settlements around the island. This will cause even more Chaos and earn you money. By obtaining the weapon, vehicle and armour parts you can upgrade weapons, vehicles and your health. The vehicles that I’m talking about can be obtained from the Black Market Dealer. You are introduced early on in the game and from the Black Market Dealer you can get weapons, vehicles and you can be extracted to previously discovered locations.
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Once you’ve completed the game, it encourages you even more to go around the island and try and reach 100% of game completion. This is called Mercenary Mode. The world is huge and there is so much to discover. The island looks amazing too. As you explore the island of Panau you’ll discover different climates and terrains, from lush jungles to deserts to snowy mountain tops, all which look amazing. You can explore the island in different ways, by car, (which in my opinion is the worst way to get around) by boat, by helicopter or by plane. In my opinion you won’t drive a better car than in GTA IV, the cars in the game feel so realistic but one thing that GTA IV is missing is planes. You have no idea how much fun you can have with a plane in Just Cause 2. Feel like a commercial airliner, hop over to Panau’s International Airport and hijack one. Maybe you want a small fast plane that’ll zip around Panau’s financial district? Go for the Pell Silverbolt 6. Or if you’re feeling adventurous take a trip to the military airport and get a jet… with rockets and a huge gun.
I’ve saved the best part of this game for last, the grappling hook. The game wouldn’t be able to function without that thing. It allows you to do so many things that you can’t do in other open world games. It gives the player so much freedom and not to mention fun. You can grapple onto cars, planes, helicopters, buildings and people and so much more! In combination with the parachute you can slingshot your way across the island which is a very effective way to travel in small distances.
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The game might be a lot of fun but it has it’s downsides. The voice acting is absolutely atrocious. I was so happy when I finished the game, partially because I knew I would hardly have to hear the characters speak again. The developers should be ashamed but they’re also lucky, if the game wasn’t so good I probably would have snapped the disc by now. Running around different settlements trying to find weapon, vehicle and armour parts is a little annoying but I can live with it. Again, the game makes up for it with the other aspects of gameplay.

If you haven’t played this game then go and play it because it’s amazing.
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