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Is email support ever good support?

Ha! 'Support,' what a joke

Lately I’ve been sending a crap load of emails to Xbox Live support and a bunch of emails to EA. Dear lord, sometimes I think email support was created just to make a place for unanswered problems to go. I can’t believe people get paid to answer them too! So far the recurring answer I’ve received from Xbox support is that ‘it is suggested that I call them.’ Apparently it is impossible to formulate speech into sentences on a computer monitor.

Out of the many emails I have sent to Xbox and EA I have only been mildly helped by EA during a live chat. Even though it only helped me a little it helped me a load more than sending hundreds of emails back and forth to Xbox. Even if one email helps, if I need more help with a problem I can’t reply to an email and I need to send another one and it won’t be the same person who wrote the last. Even if the same person does reply to another one of my emails they probably won’t remember because of the amount emails describing even more problems!

Even though email support is a load of crap I have to credit EA’s live chat. Even though it hardly helped me, the EA employee was really nice and he did try to help me and he did give me an answer that wasn’t ‘We suggest you call us, you’re problems will be resolved.’ I just hope they realise that they aren’t helping or even better, don’t make the game with retarded problems that could have been resolved before the release, like Halo in German!


Halo in German

I haven’t been postingĀ as much as I would like to. I’ve been trying to get my hands on Halo: Combat Evolved. I play Xbox and I’ve never played Halo properly. I feel like it’s my duty to play Halo because I play Xbox. I did buy 2100 Microsoft Points and downloaded it off the Marketplace only to find outĀ hours later after downloading over 4GB of apparently amazing gameplay, that it was in German. At first I thought, “hey! they spelt ‘campaign’ wrong!” I wasn’t wrong… it’s spelt with a ‘K’ in German.

I did some research on the internet to find that any game should sync with your Xbox language. Obviously there is something wrong. The most annoying this was that the language of Halo did change… when I changed my Xbox language to French. I do speak some French but I’m still not any closer to playing this game. I’m seriously itching to play. Stupid Xbox Live says they won’t give refunds, it didn’t say it was going to be in German! I’m asking around to see if I can get my hands on a physical copy of Halo: Combat Evolved even though it might have the same problem.

Xbox Live Marketplace needs to get its act together, one of the most popular Xbox games which is locked in German.