What does Kill/Death Ratio mean to you?

I’m going to start this off being nice and frank, K/D means something to me. It shows how well you play, it shows how well your strategy is working, it shows how many points you are giving away and it shows how careless you’re being. All these things are important in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch or Free For All, whatever you want to call it. Currently my K/D on Call of Duty: Black Ops is 1.50. I know a lot of people argue that it takes the fun out of the game, it makes the game too serious and too competitive. For me it doesn’t, I pretty much only play Call of Duty with friends because I’m not trying to capture gameplay, I’m just trying to have fun and getting impressive K/Ds is fun for me. I’m not saying I’m SeaNanners and get ridiculous K/Ds nearly all the time but I wouldn’t say I’m a stranger to them.

In my opinion an impressive K/D is a ratio over 10. That would be impressive to me, a high K/D to me would be a 5 or over, I’m not saying I get these all the time but if I get over 1 I’m happy. I usually go above 1, if I come top of the leaderboard but I have a K/D below 1 I wouldn’t be content, no matter how many kills I got. For me K/D is important to me, it’s just as important as anything else on the leaderboard. By the way, my highest K/D is 32.00, 32 kills and 0 deaths. That was on Nuketown, I was shaking.

My Gamertag was different back then, I was so excited when I got Microsoft points.


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