If I had a penny every time I played Minecraft…

You may have already heard about Minecraft, if you haven’t then stop reading and go download it. Whenever you think this game is about to get boring a new update comes out or you discover something new. For the retards who haven’t stopped reading I’ll explain Minecraft. You are dropped in a world with nothing but the clothes on your back and you guessed it, you have to mine. This may be true but it’s a little bit more complex than that. During the day you

Player looking at his world.

must build (especially on your first night or things can get hairy) and gather resources. During the night you can either fight, sleep mine whilst  the zombies, creepers, (exploding penis’) skeletons and spiders lurk in the darkness.

The game doesn’t have cutting edge graphics like other games out there but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. The world is built out of cubes, including yourself. It makes the game so simple yet it holds infinite possibilities. The way you create things is easy and it makes you wonder why no other game has done it before. To create objects like weapons, tools and furniture you make the shape of the object in a workbench using the cubes that you have collected. Incredibly simple and without a guide of some sort it’ll take you a while before you discover everything in the game as there is no tutorial.

New updates for the game are released frequently with new objects and new monsters so the game won’t get old quickly. My friends and I have been playing this game for a while now and we are still as into it as we were when we mined our first bit of iron ore. If I had a penny every time I played Minecraft I would have started up my own gaming magazine already.

This game is amazing. Enough said.


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